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Why work with me on your memoir?

My background in journalism has served me very well in this genre– I love the interview process and love to ask the hard questions that get to the core of your life stories, how they’ve impacted you, and how they can impact your readers.

As sixth-grade Erica would say to people on repeat: “I’m a storyteller!”

Why work with me on your self-help book?

I read my first self-help book, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential by Joel Osteen, when I was eighteen and never looked back. I live my daily life through proven self-help methods, so much that my dad and I wrote a book of our own about it called The Foundation of a Successful Life. Based on the lessons from our book, I also developed a course where I teach students how to use the Law of Attraction, become a go-getter, and get the life they’ve always wanted.

Beyond writing, I consider self-help my calling.

Why work with me on your business book?

Arguably, no one knows business writing better than someone who’s cut their teeth in corporate communications. For many years, my role at companies was to write compelling content for executives who simply didn’t have the bandwidth to write for themselves. Now, I use the same process I followed to help those industry leaders get their words on the page, but I apply it in the long-form.